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1Ingham P et al.Sutton Coldfield Unplanned Admission Avoidance in the Elderly Project20173926Published
2Parmar J.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as Part of a Stream-level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 4: Scheduling of Patients on the Chemotherapy Day Unit20174327Published
3Fullerton K.Theory of Constraints and 6M Design® Applied to a Virtual Scenario20174126Published
4Pudney D.Removing Chaos within an Outpatient Clinic Setting20174218Published
5Dodds S.Learning Anti-Chaos Design in Emergency Flow20163214Published
6Davidge M.Calming the Clinic – Part 1: Diagnosing the Problem20164017Published
7Simcox J.Intervening into Personal and Organisational Systems by Powerfully Leading and Wisely Managing20162928Published
8Jones C.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-Level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 3: Authorisation and Blood Bikes20163731Published
9Dodds S.Seven-Day versus Five-Day Flow-Capacity20152430Published
10Silvester K.Learning with the Labs20152230Published
11Jones C.Maintaining the Momentum of Medicines: A Pharmacy Service Redesign Using the A3 Problem Solving Process as a Remedy for the Ills of Patient Flow20152040Published
12Jones C.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-Level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 2: Phlebotomy20163123Published
13Dodds S et al.The Emergency Pathway Horned Gaussian2012114Published
14Bradley D.Investigating Fractured Flow from Orthopaedics to Rehabilitation20162816Published
15Simcox J.Is Your Improvement Continu-ous Or Continu-al?20163312Published
16Jones C.Improving the Delivery of Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 1: Manufacturing 20162717Published
17Silvester K.Diagnosing the Flow Constraint in an Endoscopy Service. Part 1: Recognising and Avoiding the Data Query Trap20163822Published
18Simcox J.Managerial Leadership: Five Action-logics Viewed via Two Developmental Lenses20163021Published
19Pirie E.Personal Experience of Learning Improvement Science and Application of this to a Fracture Clinic Example 20152314Published
20Dodds S et al.Theatre Productivity Improvement using 6M Design®2013820Published
21Dodds S.A Study of the Relative Value of Different Time-Series Charts for Proactive Process Monitoring2012315Published
22Simcox J et al.Good Science, an antidote to Ben Goldacre’s “bad science”20152128Published
23Silvester K.Implementing Endoscopy Pre-Assessment: Part 220163619Published
24Debenham P.Improving Clinical Team Briefing using 6M Design®20152518Published
25Dodds S.A Case Study of a Successful One-Stop Clinic Schedule Design using Formal Methods 2012613Published
26Dodds S.A Case Study of Improvement in the Quality and Productivity of a Surgical Service20131111Published
27Wikner M.Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Total Knee Arthroplasty using 6M Design®20151923Published
28Pope R.Implementing Endoscopy Pre-Assessment: Part 120163517Published
29Dodds S.A Study of Productivity Improvement Tactics using a Two-Stream Production System Model2012418Published
30Churchman W.A Study into Pupil Waiting Times at an Immunisation Session in School20163416Published
31Dodds S.A Case Study of Reducing Surgical Site Infection (SSI) using a Bundle of Care Model and the Science of Improvement Method20141824Published
32Kidd P.SafeMedsNow. Delivering a more Effective and Productive System for Medicines-use in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital using 6M Design®20152629Published
33Dodds S.A Case Study of Using Time-Series Analysis to Detect Positive Deviance2012714Published
34Dodds S.A Clinical Study of the Effect of Communication Process Improvement on the Outcome and Cost of Community Wound Care201227Published
35Dodds S.Community Wound Care Service Improvement Guided by a Whole System Simulation Model2012514Published
36Simcox J.An Information System for the Self-Managing Patient20131432Published
37Simcox J.Commissioning for Efficacious Outcomes20131513Published

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